Foshan Nanhai Zunyi Beverage & Foodstuff Co., Ltd.


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          Foshan Fontana Gardens food and Beverage Co., Ltd. is located in Sanshui District, Foshan City, "China (Sanshui) international waters in the food and beverage base". The company introduced the German import beverage production line, is a production, research and development, sales of fast-moving consumer goods companies. The company mainly produces: coconut juice beverage, cocktail drinks, lactic acid bacteria beverage, function beverage nutrition vitamin beverages, sports drinks, vinegar beverage, fruit juice drinks, tea drinks, honeysuckle beverage, herbal tea, eight treasure porridge, mineral water and so on a series of products. Companies adhering to the "integrity, to people for the development of the concept of the", to the market as a leader, to products as the main, in good faith as a fundamental business philosophy, with exquisite technology, perfect quality assurance system and first-class after-sales service, and strive to provide for the customer supreme service and first-class products.
          The company dedicated to provide people with the health of the green food, in order to balance the national diet, strong people's physique. Health, happiness is the soul, responsibility for the day and continue R & D and production of Fontana Gardens series of innovative fashion drinks to continue to meet the growing...

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          Address: Foshan Sanshui District water and beverage international base 35

          Investment Hotline :0757-83606039 Mobile phone:13630155739

          Fax:0757-83606039 Company mail

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